Vatsa Heera

Brand Development - Aero Precision

Aero Precision is a stocking distributor for military aircraft parts.

Special logo was created for company's 25th celebration. Later, it was kept and used on several promotional items.

Brand color selection was made based on the company's need to display data and information in a way that is clear to its Vendors, as well as Customers. The blue, purple and green are used to depict platforms (fighter, transporter and rotors). Primary colors are blacks and grey with orange, accent color. A wide range of colors were selected for flexibity to create infographics, presentation graphics, etc.

Part of the job included working with the international airshow (tradeshow) vendors to get the booth designed and built. Here are some examples from Dubai Airshow and International Paris Airshow.

For low budget international airshows the graphics were done in-house, for a turnkey booth, and printed on site.

Due to limited space and low budget domestic airshows, a lightbox booth brackdrop was designed