Vatsa Heera

Translation App - Lingo

A language translation app for Apple Watch
to help travelers communicate with the natives


Why Translate? — To Communicate
Translation is important because everyone does not speak English – Being multi lingual is a skill not many people have.
People prefer their native language – people respond better in their native language.
Effective communication – Translation spreads ideas and information.

Use Case

Shyam loves to travel to different countries.
He loves exploring remote areas and learning about their history and culture.
Likes meeting people of different culture and making new friends.
He is bilingual

Shyam’s challenges

How to have effective communication to find his way around a new city (food, cheap trasportation, etc.) and make new friends.

Competitive research

Google Translate – no Apple watch app
IHG Translate – Offers good features but is paid / only for members
iTranslate – Translates only from English

Sketching the basic idea and possible navigation

Creating Wireframes and blocking the design elements

User testing and feedback

  • Add option for accessing past searches.
  • Show to and from language in output screen as well.
  • Based on context or location the app should show preloaded translations and auto select options.
  • Change list view to table view.
  • Make ‘friend’ feature primary or eliminate altogether.
  • Toggle between speak and scribble screen.
  • Language change should be on the same page or be abbreviated.
  • List view font size is small.
  • Language selection can be optimized – language in which it needs to be translated will most probably be a one-time activity.
  • Put ‘to’ and ‘from’ on one screen.

Making the idea firmer with final design

A user can say their request or use scribble option

Turn on share location option in settings for auto detect language based on the location. Manual language selection is also possible. User will have option of editing results if it didn’t get it right.

App will have option of networking. Users can connect with each other and learn more about the local dialect.

Now Shyam has a solution to his problems. He can go anywhere he wants and make new friends.

User Empathy

User search for a language

  • Q: What if it does not exist in the Database?
    • Comment: Adding all languages will take a long time
    • Idea/solution: Take help from other native language users

Ask question via Speak or Scribble feature

  • Q: Did not get the question correct
    • Comment: Give more control to the user
    • Ideas/solution: Use edit button on results screen to fix errors

Reviewing the translation

  • Q: What if there are no results to show?
    • Comment: Check if it recognized the language?
    • Idea1: Generate an error report
    • Idea2: Check for accent
    • Idea3: Check for background noise
    • Idea4: Take help from other native language users